The River

Posted by Laurent 02/07/2016 10 Comment(s)

The River, projet de Synthetiseur Polyphonique Multitrimbral Analogique







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10 Comment(s)

01/12/2016, 04:29:50

Salut, Le synthé a l'air d'enfer, tout comme son créateur. J'ai qu'une envie, réunir l'argent pour acheter déjà le chorus qui me donne vraiment, mais vraiment envie depuis sa sortie...puis en espérant que ce synthé ne defonce pas le budget, espérer l'acquérir aussi :) En tout cas, même si les éloges doivent pleuvoir, je reste admiratif d'un tel génie créatif...un grand bravo M. Baloran ! Sevan Serdjanian (Evansj)

21/12/2016, 18:16:23

Grand merci pour vos mots encourageants ;)

01/12/2016, 12:56:04

is this synth on production yet ? any price range ? is this a crowdfunding project ? the sound examples on soundcloud are excellent ...

21/12/2016, 18:14:30

He, Thanks Not yet on production. I do not think go through a crowdfunding There will be reservations with a cash advance for a first batch of instruments. I hope to make these reservations by the end of 2017.

Lennon Mercury:
28/01/2017, 07:51:11

Salut. Je suis un participant d audiofanzine, c est comme ça que je t ai découvert. Je souhaite simplement te féliciter et te faire part de mon admiration pour ton travail. As tu un ordre d idée du futur prix du River?

30/01/2017, 23:45:01

Hi there, where can I order this or reserve the river synth? Amazing achievement!

01/02/2017, 10:23:22

Thanks, He, Thanks Not yet on production. I hope to make these reservations by the end of 2017. - See more at:

30/01/2017, 23:51:06

Does this have velocity or aftertouch? Cant find any more info about this. Looks incredible

01/02/2017, 10:26:51

Yes , The River as Velocity and Chanel Aftertouch. These two parameters can be supported by the "digital LFO" and thus modulate the response oscillators, filters, vca and envelopes.

Tiny Wight:
10/02/2017, 01:39:41

This is a fantastic sounding instrument with a lovely aesthetic. Is it too late in the game to consider polyphonic aftertouch at this point? This synth already shines, but poly AT as a modulation source in the mod matrix would bring it to a whole new level, in my opinion. Might you be able to give us a price estimate, Laurent? Or perhaps you provide us with a target price cap that you do not intend to exceed? Many thanks, and congratulations for developing such a great new instrument!

11/02/2017, 13:19:56

Do you have any idea of what the price might be?

27/02/2017, 11:57:29

The final price has not yet been fixed. I struggle for it to remain acceptable, but The River will still be costly, maybe around 5000 €. Le prix définitif n'est pas encore fixé. Je me débats pour qu'il reste acceptable, mais The River sera tout de même coûteux, peut être autour de 5000€. Merci à tous pour vos commentaires.

24/05/2017, 21:59:18

How can I put a deposit down? Thank you O

26/05/2017, 01:39:52

Orders for the first batch will be opened within one or two months for delivery within a maximum of 9 months. A deposit of 2000 € will be requested. For the first lot, orders will only be possible for France and neighboring countries. Best Regards

08/09/2017, 10:27:43

Hi, will there be available a desktop version ? Best regards, Chris

27/09/2017, 14:52:52

No, this is not expected in the near future. The technology used requires heavy power supply, bulky cards. The chalenge to reduce all this to the Desktop format is still a little big;)

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